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Good morning Mike! I’m late getting here but I made it! <3

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sounds like it should be Friday :)

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Each breath our lungs take is certainly a gift. :)

I’m always paranoid about posting too many of these, but while followers and notes are nice, friends are priceless.  Thank You!  Love to all.  <3

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PG13 lol

I was going to write about how heartbroken I was that my humorous attempted sexetry tanked like a brick, but then I realized that I had forgotten to tag it with poetryslutsunited.  Yes, Mike, that’s it.  LOL  I’m glad you enjoyed the tag and it reminded me of my dear friend Maike who used to have the blog mademoisellechapeau.  She loved that tag as well. Thank you.  :)

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Good to see my GREAT friend Mike up and at ‘em this fine Navy Morning!! Ooops, wait. That’s what I used to say when I was in the Navy. Good to see you chopper this morning either way Mike!! Like old times……OK, where’s Joy and Jen??

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Good morning, Sir Frawley! <333

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coffee..not a bad idea, not bad at all…

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Mmm..I feel the same!!!!!!!!! <3 *:)

Good morning Gabbi, Andrew, anonymous tea lady, to everyone who stopped by and last but not least my dear friend Kevin.  I’m still laughing after seeing your selfies this morning.  I do believe Joy may be doing something good with her time these days, but I do need to drop her a note.  Love you all and please do stick around.  <3 

The Green Side of the Grass

I don’t know why but today I was thinking back on my days in early recovery and I remembered my friend and sponsor, or mentor Charlie.  Broadly smiling one day he asked me how I was.  To be honest I wasn’t the happiest of campers at the time and immediately went into my poor me diatribe.  He patiently waited til I finished whining then asked, Did you wake up on the green side of the grass today?  I halfheartedly and petulantly responded yes.  His smile never faded and his voice grew only slightly louder as he replied, Then shut the eff up, you’re having a great day.  My friend Charlie is wise indeed.  Every day we’re alive is a great day.  The trick is in the remembering.