The Captain’s Hands

The aged captain’s weathered hands
took their place astride the wheel
on through the gale he sailed for land
with icy eyes and nerves of steel

His beloved mistress howled her fury
in black mountains laced with foam
still the captain’s hands stood steady
he would see the lads safely home

His sails now badly torn and tattered
the battle raging though the night
he held on fiercely his courage intact
and aimed his ship toward the light

Then there came a thunderous crash
his tired hands could hold no more
and her love the sea now ever keeps
five lonely miles away from shore


Growing in Love


Something’s changed she said, I can’t quite put a finger on it, can’t say where or when, but somehow something’s not the same, and we need to make it right again.  I said I know, I know it’s true, but I’m a prisoner to my own fear, I’m so afraid of losing you, and I’d be lost without you here.  She tried to smile through the tears, said silly boy I love you, you know I care, I’ve been here for all these years, and I’m not going anywhere.  Dear god forgive me if you can, I truly love you, and I know I’m a lucky man, yet I’ve some growing up to do.  This happened several years ago, and we’ve both grown along the way, and while we’ve had our highs and lows, we’re still together growing in love today.    

A Magic Place You Once Called Home

Yes once there was a place for which
your tired weary heart dearly longed
a world you came to your call home
somewhere you knew you belonged

A place overflowing with smiling faces
some of whom you even befriended
my how strange, everything changed
and it feels as if the magic has ended

You did your best and gave your all
now there seems nothing left to do
sometimes acceptance is the answer
painful though still you know it’s true

A magic place you once called home
to say it didn’t matter would be a lie
holding on through tears still hoping
yet knowing it’s time to say goodbye




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