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Really LOVE this…I’ve got to save one tag….I use them all first thing then miss those who post later. I guess that’s my dilemma!!

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Thank you lovely Mike @};- x

:’)  Thank you part 2.  Should have waited a couple of minutes before posting the last one, but like most of you I have to get ready for work.  Kevin, as my friend likes to quote from “The Sandlot”, you’re killin’ me smalls.  ;)  You do more than enough.  I love all of you and gotta run. <3


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Wow Mike. Intense as any. Love this. Poignant. I don’t have enough words.


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<3 this! Intense. Just beautiful!

Thank you my friends!  As you may have heard a time or a hundred, there’s a part of me that wants to say eff Tumblr I quit, but thankfully wonderful friends like you keep reminding me how much like home this place actually feels.

Love you,
Mike <3


Keep it Simple


As many of you probably know, there’s an acronym, K.I.S.S. which stands for keep it simple stupid.  Long ago in a 12 step room someone said keep it simple and added please notice we never say stupid.  I especially appreciated that as stupid along with hate are my two least favorite words in the English Language.  While I have the unfortunate habit of cursing like a sailor (sorry Kevin), you will almost never hear or see me using either of them.  As for simple however, I find that to be a wonderful word and concept which I far too often fail to put into practice.  Speaking of which, I’m often inspired by posts I read on Tumblr and yesterday was no exception.  I told my dear friend Lauren that her Poetry Haiku moved me to write something similar, though my version was somewhat simpler, which in my case is always a good decision.  So I sat down to write two simple lines and along with a couple of my frequent companions, boredom and over thinking composed “Poetry”.  I guess it turned out okay, but it was not at all what I had intended to write.  The last three lines were:

it’s a dance of words and eloquence
within a paradox of profound simplicity” 

While you could probably call those lines many things, I suspect that simple would not be among them, and though I’ll admit that forgetting to keep it simple in writing is not necessarily a major crisis, I do wonder how often it causes us headaches as well as heartaches in our daily lives.  I don’t know about you, but I’m certain that I’ve screwed up and even missed out on many of life’s beautiful moments primarily due to my propensity for complicating even the simplest of things.  Maybe keeping it simple actually is a wise and loving way to manage this fleeting gift we call life.       

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
- Leonardo da Vinci via brainyquote.com


Anonymous asked:

Yes. What poetry blogs do you recommend? Whom should I follow?

braveheartswhisper answered:

Usually all the folks who heart my selfies. Lol no but really this is so difficult . Well there’s this tumblr famous dude Mike Frawley , Mermaidsbite ,

lzlabs…the reason I name them specifically is because they have REALLY good posts of their own writing as well as a variety of many different poets reblogs…then you can browse and find ones you really enjoy. They’re on my top list . I have like a top 15 writers I truly admire .;););)


See, I told you that reblogging was the heartbeat of Tumblr, after all, who knew that I was “This Tumblr Famous Dude?”  LOL, etc, but thank you Dee.  Mike is smiling big time!  :D   I also agree and appreciate Christiane and Lauren not only for their wonderful writing, but for their tireless reblogging efforts as well.  How they find the time or energy remains a mystery to this old poet, but I thank both of you as well.  While I would never even attempt to make a list of best rebloggers as there are so many, I have to give a special nod to two of my all time favorites, Joy (Mother Tumblr) and Mike (The Man).    Thank you everyone who reblogs, reads, writes, and otherwise shares and spreads the love on Tumblr.   Love you all.  <3 

P.S.  Since it seems relevant, reblogs coming shortly on that other blog.  :)


Poetry and Prose


I have heard that poetry is dead
we’ve no need for prose or rhyme 
all those wonderful books we read
were but relics from another time

The computer is the final answer
we’ve achieved a brand new day
we’ll end hunger and cure cancer
logical information is the new way

Yet as long as lover’s hearts cry
while there’s light in every dawn
and a newborn child elicits a sigh
poetry and prose shall yet live on




Phrases splashed upon a living canvas
portraits unveiling a poet’s dreams
a light briefly shining into the darkness
illuminating this world in such a way
as only a poet’s heart might ever see 
life in all its magnificent manifestations
inviting readers to share the mystery
the joys and sorrows, highs and lows 
it’s a dance of words and eloquence
within a paradox of profound simplicity